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Your Monhegan home withstands rough conditions. We can help ensure the integrity of your home through wind and wave.


Renovating existing structures to maintain their integrity or to return them to their former glory is our specialty. When building new construction, whether an addition, outbuilding, or new home, we aim to match the aesthetics of the surroundings.

Septic and Ground Work

Septic systems are necessary and can be difficult to install in some places. Kole has experience installing in the most difficult situations and leaving the land looking better than when he started.
Truck, Tractor, and Backhoe for hire.


For an annual fee, we ensure your home is open and ready for your arrival and buttoned up after the season. We are on-call to answer your maintenance needs through the season, and to consult and plan for off-season projects.

Photo Gallery

More examples of our work. This is a sample of our work and not the extent of what we can do.

Side of building with several windows
Window Replacement
Exterior and interior work for window replacement, including proper flashing, trimming, and shingling.
In Progress
Windows and shingles removed from building
New windows and shingles
Porch with two decks
Enclosed porch.
In Progress
Starting to enclose porch
Enclosed porch
Septic tanks in the ground
Septic Installation and landscaping
Below ground septic with leach field.
Leach field
leaching field
Filled and smoothed ground around septic tanks
Platform footing
Concrete footing for platform
Above ground septic solutions
Some properties don't have enough land for a below ground system. Luckily, we have the tools and skills to create a solution.
Tanks on platform
Tanks on platform
Vida helping pull a line
Vida at work
Work hard, play hard.
Vida barking in truck
Letting people know to get out of the way of the truck, here we come.
Asleep on septic tank cover
Reminding us to rest sometimes.
Space prior to renovation
Basement space renovated to rental property
Apartment kitchen prior to renovation
This previously unused space, was renovated into a comfortable apartment that provides rental income. Book Here!
Renovated apartment
Utilizing the space efficiently, ample room for both dining and sleeping.
Renovated kitchen space
Small space kitchen, provides all the amenities.
Renovated bathroom
This unusual size and shape space was renovated into a spa-style shower and bathroom.
Including rain shower head and wand as well as Monhegan views while maintaining privacy.
Side porch
Restoration project
Side of house with shingles removed
Built in 1911, this cottage needed a full exterior renovation.
In Progress
Richard working on side porch
Old exterior barrier was removed. New barrier using updated materials and methods replaced the old.
In Progress
Plan for roof repair
Although we regularly work with architectural drawings, sometimes a quick sketch on a piece of cardboard is all that is needed.
In Progress
Preparing for porch roof repair
New supports for the porch roof were installed. We worked with Mainely Boats to replace the porch with weather tight fiberglass.
In Progress
Kole and Andrew shingling the building
New windows were installed all around with proper flashing and weather barrier to protect the house well into the future.
View of house including porch and roof
This old house looks brand new.
View of house including roof
Including a new roof.
View of house including porch and roof
The porch is screened in for summer evening enjoyment.
backhoe carrying insulated line
In 2017, the Monhegan Museum and Monhegan Plantation Power District embarked on a heat recapture project
trenching for lines
Monhegan Restorations did all of the trenching and laying of lines from the power company to the museum.
lines laid with stone
We also put the land back better than we found it.
Richard working with Greg
Vertical Addition
House from a distance
Adding up.
Much needed space was created by adding another floor.
House from a distance
Seemless integration of additional space while keeping with the surroundings.
Hole and rebar for tower pad
Tower Pad
Forms to pour concrete
A concrete pad needed for a 50 foot tower.
Forms to pour concrete
Monhegan Restorations dug the hole, built the forms and poured the concrete for the tower pad.